Best Internet Marketing Forum Where You Can Join And Make Money Now

Best internet marketing forum! Hmm that’s what we all really need. If you ask me what the best internet marketing community or forum to join for the first is? Well, the answer would be Warrior Forum. Yes! Warrior Forum is definately the first and profitable internet marketing forum you can join and start making money now. Others are, but not limited to, great forum such as WickedFire forum, Abestweb, SitePoint, And for SEO purpose, there is a great one for this SEO Rankings forum plus SEO Cat. But for your easy reading and make your first start on online business get started, let’s focus on Warrior Forum.

In 1997 an online entrepreneur named Allen decided to create an online community of like-minded individuals. The objective? To share ideas, learn from each other and give each other moral support. 17 years later Allen sold the Warrior Forum for over $3 million. Not a bad payday for what started as a small online forum.

Best Internet Marketing Forum

Best Internet Marketing Forum

So what can we take from this? First, with the right idea and the follow-through to make it happen, empires can be built and fortunes made. And you can count on this to many best internet marketing forum if you are no satisfy with the case of Warrior Forum. Just browse the Net and you will find some of them.

Second, there comes a time to move on. Some might say the Warrior Forum is in need of a little shaking up, so we’ll see what happens with the new owners, Freelancer.com

One of their new policies is changing the price of a WSO from $40 to $20. This has more than a few people stirred up, namely those who think we’ll see more junk WSO’s.

But I think it’s a very good thing, indeed – and we need not fear an excess of poor quality WSO’s. Here’s why:

Bad WSO’s don’t get in the way of good ones. Generally, 99% of your WSO traffic will come from your own promotions and the recommendations of your affiliates. This sends the traffic straight to your WSO page, bypassing all others.

While it’s certainly true that more WSO’s means each particular WSO will remain on page 1 for a shorter time, that should not be a major traffic factor. In fact, if you’re relying on staying at the top of the listing for traffic, you’re doing it wrong. Focus on sending your own traffic via your lists, your blog and your best affiliates. This is where the real traffic comes from.

Now you can afford to do twice as many FREE WSO’s. So why would you do a free WSO? To get new subscribers and to make money. In this way, you turn this forum into an internet marketing review forum. How to do it? First, you give away something terrific in exchange for an email address. Then on the download page you link to another, related WSO of yours or an affiliate product to make immediate sales. You can promote your free WSO in your signature file. And you can also find other free WSO’s and offer to do a promotional swap with them. Forum internet marketing then can be a profitable place to sell your expertise.

More WSO’s means more opportunities to JV. Got a product that’s not selling as well anymore? Offer it to other WSO sellers to use as a free bonus to their product. This way you’re continuing to build your list of buyers even after your product stops selling well.

The lower entry price means you can experiment more. Test to see what works well and what doesn’t. Run two WSO’s for the previous price of one. Really, you can get more creative and mix it up, testing to see what offers and what sales letters sell the best.

More new marketers will take the WSO plunge. Does competition sound like a bad thing? Actually, fresh minds with new thinking sometimes create the very best ideas of all, so stay tuned and see what happens in the WSO section – it could be interesting!

Best Internet Marketing Forum

Best Internet Marketing Forum

One last note: I know some marketers are going to rush to create products that claim to show how to make money now that the Warrior Forum has changed hands. Folks, unless and until the new owner makes drastic changes, this best internet marketing forum works like it always has: Build yourself a great reputation, create alliances with other outstanding marketers, offer only high quality advice and products, and always, always be the good guy. It really is that simple. Now it’s the perfect time to sign up yourself to this such a great forum – Warrior Forum. Make sure that Warrior Forum be one in your internet marketing forums list.

So you by now know what internet marketing place to hangout. Remember to be a nic guy inside the forum and do not forget help other members in need. Start showing the community what you can do for them and gradually offer your products or services in which you can make money from the people. When you need a help, ask your questions. People will help you one or anohter way. To recap what we have been discussing here, if you are looking for internet marketing forum for beginners or internet marketing forums for newbies, now you know where to find it. Remember Warrior Forum is the best internet marketing forum.

Have You Tried Internet Marketing in Reverse?

This is a revolutionary idea that is, frankly, long over due and not so revolutionary after all.

Here’s how a typical Internet business works – you pick a niche, create a product and then find the audience to sell that product to.

If it doesn’t sell, you do it all over again. If it does sell, you make more products to sell to those same people.

Sounds logical, right? Maybe not. Suppose – just suppose – you decide to sell NOTHING for the first two to three months of your business.

Not a gosh darn thing.

Instead, what you do is focus on building and nurturing your audience. Once they know you and are confident you know what you’re talking about, then and only then do you sell them something.

“But I need to make money NOW!”

How To Make Money at Internet Marketing

How To Make Money at Internet Marketing

Okay, what if you had started the entire process 3 months ago? They say the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the second best time is today. So bear with me for a moment while we plant a tree in your mind right now…

Let’s say you’ve taken up a new hobby. Maybe it’s golf. You’re cruising the Internet when you find this offer for a free golf book for newbies, “10 Ways to Take 10 Points Off Your Game Today.” You enter your email address and get the book.

And next thing you know, this author is sending you golfing offers on a daily basis. “BUY THIS!” “BUY THAT!” And on and on. What do you do? Maybe you buy something, maybe you don’t. But do you lose faith and trust in the person? Yes. This is just some guy who used a bait and switch on you. “Get my free book!” turns out to really mean “Let me sell you a whole lot of stuff so I can make money!”

This is how Internet marketing typically works, and the days of it being a magic bullet are long gone. Sure, the money is in the list, but if you are continually going for the sales before you even establish the relationship, you’re doing it backwards.

This is 2014, not 1998. I say it’s time to adjust.

Second scenario: You sign up to get the free ebook, and here’s an email introducing the author. The next day, s/he sends you a great golfing tip. And the next day, and the next. Maybe the author throws in some personal golfing stories, a few golfing jokes, some golf news, etc.

Now this author feels more like your email golfing buddy and golf expert than a sales person. In fact, in 2 whole months s/he hasn’t tried to sell you a gosh darn thing. But maybe they have sent you a few videos with cool tips, so you can get to ‘know’ and like them even better. In fact, you trust this person and feel they have your best interests at heart.

They’ve built a REAL relationship with you.

Now then, what do you think is going to happen when this author starts sending you the occasional offer? Odds are you’re going to take a very serious look at buying it, because your new golfing friend/expert is recommending it. And if they’re recommending it, you know it must be really GOOD!

And as long as this author continues to send you only the best advice and best offers, you’re likely to continue buying, too.

So is it worth it to invest 2-3 months to build relationships that create super high conversions and subscribers that are loyal to you for a long, long time? Is it worth it to build such a tight bond, they never unsubscribe? Do you want to be their go-to person, the one they know and trust for advice, tips and recommendations? Or do you want to be just another sales person pitching the latest product until your subscribers flee your list?

“But 2-3 months before I make a sale??!”

How To Make Money in Internet Marketing The Reverse Method

How To Make Money in Internet Marketing The Reverse Method

Yes. I know. It takes a real commitment and investment of your time.

But let’s trying putting it into perspective: Let’s say you want to open a business in your town. You scout a location, make the deal to rent the building, get your business licenses, get the equipment you need, order the inventory, hire staff, get insurance, etc. How long would it take? And how much would it cost? And how much would you clear after all of your expenses?

What I’m talking about here is a viable way to build a six figure business in less than 12 months, with almost no out of pocket expense. To begin with, all you need is a good autoresponder. You don’t even have to put up your blog right away, because in the beginning you can do everything via email.

This is a business model you can start today. It helps if you have expertise in your subject – if not, you’ll want to start reading and learning immediately. Your topic should be one you’ve got a measure of passion for, because you’ll be writing and talking about it a great deal. You’ll need 10 or more hours a week to devote to this.

And you’ve got to be ready to sacrifice a small amount of short term income for an abundance of long term income. Long term beginning in about 2-3 months, and growing fairly large around the 6-8 month mark.

This is all about your audience. It’s all about what they want. And here’s the kicker – you know how experts tell you to research what people want before you create a product? In this case, you’re going to be so in touch with your audience, you will know exactly what they want before you ever offer it.

You’ll have people standing in line to buy your products before you even produce them. Think about that – you’ll know IN ADVANCE that your products will sell and sell well, because your audience trusts you enough to tell you what they want. Maybe it’s not in so many words, like, “Could you sell me a product about this or that,” but rather, “How do I _____?” When you keep getting the same questions, you know there is a market for that product.

To sum up – old school method: Spend weeks creating a product nobody buys. Then do it again. Or build a list and then fry it to death.

New school method: Spend 2-3 months building an audience that LOVES you and trusts you, then create products and make recommendations based upon what they want.

Times have changed. If we, as marketers, don’t change with the times, our customers are going to leave us behind.